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X-Terminators JOAD Archery Club, Junior Olympic Archery Development, was started in 2011 by head coach Ron Lucas. We work at teaching anyone who is interested in learning the sport and also to help the youth shooters reach their full potential in this sport. The Club has grown quickly from a few members in 2011 to where we are today. We currently have over 10 archers on our roster and aspirations of new members joining weekly. We hold a JOAD class every Saturday @ 9:00am. Our goal is to ensure that every child has a fun and learning experience while growing their skill/passion for the sport. We encourage anyone to come to a class and give the sport a try. 

Our head coach and President, Ron Lucas, is a level 3 NTS coach. He devotes a large amount of his time assisting the kids, either building arrows, giving private lessons or answering any question someone may have when its comes to the sport of archery. With such a large class being held every Sunday, Ron is still able to work with every child on the shooting line. He welcomes every beginner to class and makes them feel at home in the range. He always finds the time to work with the more seasoned archers so they may reach even higher levels of success within this sport. He ensures every child, parent and archer are safe within his range and that everyone leaves with a smile on their face and a love for the sport.









X-Terminators JOAD Archery Club is represented by:

 Emily Smith: Olympic Recurve. Emily began shooting at the young age of 9. Her love and passion for the sport shows in her work ethic and list of awards and accomplishments she has achieved. She is a dominating archer and will always be a “force” within the sport. Emily is the only archer within the club to earn all levels of JOAD Olympic awards along with holding many state records.

 Jayde Alderman: Olympic Recurve. Jayde began shooting archery at the young age of 9. She instantly fell in love with the sport and thanks to Ron’s coaching/guidance she has earned numerous awards at many sanctioned tournaments. Her biggest personal achievement has been earning her Bronze & Silver JOAD Olympic award along with Shooter of the Year in the ASA.

 Gabriella Colbert: Compound. “Gabbie” has only been involved in the sport for almost 4 years and has already become such a well rounded athlete. She has earned a number of awards within the JOAD program, including her Bronze Olympian award, state & national sanctioned tournaments and the ASA circuit. Gabbie was the 2017 Shooter of the Year in the ASA. She always has a smile on her face and determination in her heart!

 Morgan Duncan: Olympic Recurve. While Morgan is newer to the club and the sport of archery, she is showing the dedication and determination of a seasoned archer. She refuses to quit and to be anything less than the best. Morgan’s work ethic is amazing; she still finds the time to practice everyday on top of all her other responsibilities as a young adult. Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for her!

 IMG_9731 Morgan Murdick: Barebow. Morgan has been involved in the sport since 2012 and is the youngest Level 1 coach involved with the club. She has earned many awards in her division/class throughout the years. Morgan has also set new records in her division/class at FAA sanctioned tournaments. Morgan has earned her Bronze Olympian award within the JOAD program.


 Megan Duncan: Olympic Recurve. Megan, like her sister Morgan, is newer to the club but she is just as determined and focused to be the best she can be. She is always excited to be on the shooting line nocking an arrow onto her string. Megan is excited about the upcoming tournament year!

 Julia Eckhoff: Barebow. Julia has been with X-Terminators for almost 3 1/2 years. Her biggest accomplishment was breaking the state record in her division at the 2016 NFAA Indoor State Championships. Julia is always happy to be in the range and on the line with the “big” girls and showing them that she is there to compete.

IMG_9987 Isabella Colbert: Compound. Isabella is hoping to follow in the great footsteps her sister Gabbie has laid out in front of her. She is always happy to be at the range and enjoys seeing everyone do great at every class or tournament that she attends. She is always so fun to be around.


DSC_9603_849707289 Jeff Prevatt: Compound. Jeff is no “rookie” to the sport and has earned many achievements and awards throughout his career. Jeff is also a Level 1 coach within the club and by USA Archery rankings. He is extremely passionate and devoted to assisting any and all archers. He is always there to make our new archers feel welcomed and to help them. He is a very important part in the X-Terminators club/class.



Our club officers are:

 Ron Lucas, President/Head Coach, Level 3 Coach

 Tony Eckhoff, Vice President

IMG_0726 Kyle Alderman, Treasurer/Webmaster, Level 2 Coach

 Michelle Groothouse, Secretary

 David Colbert, Social Media

 IMG_9593 (1) Jayde Alderman, Youth Representative

IMG_9598 Emily Smith, Youth Representative